About Us

YAAHKIEH is an BRAND originally registered in United State. We have been selling our ‘simple but different’ machines through a network of partners since 2014. More and more YaahKieh products are serving its owners all around the world by its perfect performance and reliable quality.

We stand by our products and know you will be happy with the performance and design of each machine. YaahKieh, the right machine you want!

Company profile

Jon started his experience in Machinery in 2006 after 5 years career in business of Luxury goods producing. However, this 5 years experience offered have allowed him to form a very strict and critical quality concept, which is rooted in his heart. When he discovered the need for RECYCLING green waste, especially in Asia where Jon was born. Therefore, A team with ambition to design and producing equipment to deal with green waste. Along this way, with all type of end users request, YaahKieh team has been and will devote ourselves to creating ‘simple but different’ equipment for our partners and users around the world.

We use the latest technology such as CNC machining, folding and laser cutting to produce products with a high quality finish. All our machines are of our own design, developed and test over time from first-hand experience in the field. As a growing business, we have to offer a superior product to remain competitive not only for our partner but also for our end users.

  • -In 2012-

    JONCO HK: Jonco start its oversea sale since 2012. Jonco Limited has been registered in 2013 officially.

  • -In 2014-

    Registration Of Jonco Plant: In May 4th, Jonco set up a plant of production and started setting up own production team.

  • -In 2016-

    Facility Updating: With development of market, Facility was firstly enlarged and updated with new producing process.

  • -In 2018-

    Industrial Equipments Plan Confirmed: Plan for industrial equipments finally was processed with support of oversea partner. meanwhile, Jonco, starts multi-brand series strategy.

  • -In 2020-

    Industrial Models Launched, Sales Online Also Begin: After 2 years testing and improving, Ratel series are finally launched. we have a subbrand registered internationally, and Online sales started domesticaly.

  • -In 2012-

    JONCO HK: Jonco start its oversea sale since 2012. Jonco Limited has been registered in 2013 officially.