Double Shoulder Strap Grass Trimmer Brush Cutter Harness Tool Belt

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 Gardener Hedge trimmer olive shaker harness.

New update NCH010Pro,widely applied for hedge trimmer .To a large extent, it can reduce the work intensity of sanitation workers.



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New concept harness NCH010Pro, as they are with two new features which make harness play more important role in the garden, landscaping works.

A.  Multi purpose, this harness series can easily be fixed on and used with hedge trimmer, pole pruner, olive shaker, brush cutter, hand held blower and all possible equipment.

B. Operator-friendly, the selection of lifter, and the ergonomic design are the most innovative improvements compared with traditional harness, as it can reduce 80% weight of equipment itself, meanwhile, it can also avoid the influence from vibration, can load 4-6kg machine.
This will allow the operator to work longer without feeling ache from hand, arm and back.
Harness for trimmer



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