Amazing! Practical application of chipper shredder in orchards.

     Orchardist need to prune fruit trees on a regular basis. After the pruning work, large amount of green waste such as branches,trunks will be produced.

    The purpose of this is to expand the crown of the fruit tree, increase the number of branches, and adjust the tree shape so that it can perform photosynthesis to a greater extent. A reasonable pruning during this period can also improve the quantity and quality of fruit trees, and also enable them to bear fruit and harvest earlier. But these pruned branches and trunks are a tricky thing to deal with.

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     Stacked landfills take up a large amount of land area. Incineration will not only pollute the surrounding environment, but also cause some safety problems. If not burned properly, it will also cause a fire. Because the pruned branches are organic and can be recycled, direct landfill and incineration are not good disposal methods.

     Thus, the pruned branches are crushed and processed to make wood chips, and then these crushed materials are mixed with livestock manure and other things are fermented to form organic  fertilizer, so as to realize the recycling of waste branches and return them to the fields.

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     The wood chip is generally made by a wood chipper, and chip capacity from 5cm to 17cm. It can be selected according to the actual situation. Normally, this MC100 branch crusher is recommended for orchardist. Its max chip diameter can reach 10cm. The input throat is widely, which is convenient for tree branches. It have higher and lower output, choose according actual situation.


     Many people may still be curious after hearing this. Is it difficult to make organic fertilizer?

     Actually very easy, and you can try it yourself at home. We only need to use a wood chipper to pulverize these branches, trunks and other wastes, pulverize them into suitable size wood chips, and then collect these wood chips, mix them with organic fertilizers and bio-organic bacteria, and after fermentation, make organic fertilizers, then will be ok.

     Of course, if fermentation is not required, it can be used directly as an organic mulch around fruit trees.

     It is a very meaningful thing to effectively save the operating cost of the orchard. The small amount adds up, and the cost reduction starts from what we can do. It is also a good thing for the environment.


Post time: Nov-10-2022