Commercial Wood Chipper For Rental

As a leading wood chipper manufacturer from China, we are proud to introduce our latest product, the DC160 Commercial Wood Chipper. Designed to meet the needs of rental customers or seasoned chipping professionals, the DC160 is a powerful and efficient machine that can handle all your chipping needs.

Equipped with a 35hp V-twin gasoline engine, the DC160 is capable of chipping branches up to 16cm in diameter with ease. It is designed to be sturdy and durable, yet lightweight enough to be towed on roads. With a total weight under 750kg, you can easily take it where you need to go.

The Model DTH16P wood chipper is incredibly user-friendly, allowing even those with little to no experience with wood chippers to use it with ease. The IFS feed system ensures that the branches are fed smoothly, without any jams or clogs.

One of the standout features of the DC160 is its directional control of the broadcasted chips. This means that you have full control over the direction in which the chips are thrown, allowing you to make quick work of any job while keeping your work area tidy.

With a compact design, the DC160 can easily fit into any workspace, whether you’re working in your backyard or on a commercial work site. The sturdy construction and powerful engine ensure that you’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently.

In summary, the DC160 Commercial Wood Chipper is a powerful and efficient machine designed to meet the needs of both rental customers and professional chipping crews. With its powerful engine, ease of use, and directional control of broadcasted chips, it’s the perfect tool for tackling any chipping job with ease.

Post time: May-17-2023