Do you really know wood chipper blade?

       As we all know, blade is the soul of the wood chipper shredder, and it is a very important and indispensable part of the chipper shredder. The quality of the blade directly affects the work efficiency and the service life of the forest equipment.
                                                    How can it be called a good blade?
1. Reasonable structural design + sharp cutting edge can ensure that cutting branches more labor-saving during the working process of the blade; 

2. The optimized raw materials + reasonable production process make the blade more wear-resistant, which can ensure that the service life of the foreign blade is better than that of the same type of blade in the market, and the material can be regrind, and the manufacturer provides free regrinding;

3. Good wear resistance + reasonable toughness can ensure that the blade can resist the impact of branches on the blade during the working process and avoid the risk of breakage;

The later maintenance of the blade is also very important. If it is not checked and adjusted regularly, it will cause irreversible damage to the equipment in severe cases;

A good blade plus regular inspection and maintenance can greatly reduce the failure rate and save you a lot of blade replacement costs and equipment maintenance costs.

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                                                             Blade Maintenance Guide
1.Every 1-2 days of work (8 hours of working time/day), the blade needs to be checked, and the cutting edge should be slightly found with a whetstone every 3-4 days (angle grinder cannot be used);

2.If the wear reaches a certain level, it needs to be returned to the factory for regrinding. After regrinding and installation, the distance between the reversible blade and reversible anvil must be adjusted, and the distance is 0.5mm-1mm (measured by a feeler gauge);

3. Blade adjustment method: after lightly pushing the reversible anvil back and forth, tighten the bolts. When the reversible blade is tightened, tighten it from the middle bolt to both sides. When installing the blade, clean the blade seat to ensure that there is no foreign matter that makes the blade suspended. (Note: Special equipment is required for blade grinding, do not operate by yourself. Do not grind hard objects, sand, iron wire, hemp rope, etc.);

4. In order to ensure that the machine reaches the most ideal state, it is recommended to smash the fresh branches that have just been pruned. If the dry branches are smashed, the maximum cutting diameter is 30% of the rated parameters, which will seriously reduce the service life of the blade.

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So about chipper shredder knowledge, did you get it?

Post time: Nov-01-2022