How do you maintain a wood chipper

        Before doing any maintenance, inspection, etc., be sure to stop the machine and wait for the rotor stop completely! Put the machine in a horizontal position.
        Routine inspection and maintenance can ensure the perfect performance of the machine. Seasonal maintenance is highly recommended to be done by professional person.

       Firstly. Gasoline engine.
       Adjust carburetor is required to be completed by the designated person of agency. Irregular adjustments to the carburetor will directly affect the performance of the gasoline engine.
      Regularly clean the gasoline engine, especially the position of the oil filling port of the engine oil and the gasoline tank.
When using a high-pressure water gun to clean the machine, please do not pour water into the bearings and the inside of the gasoline engine, otherwise it will cause damage to these parts

      Secondly. Air Filter.
     Clean and maintain air filter on time can effectively extend the service life of the gasoline engine, please replace the damaged air filter in time.
     Remove air filter cover, take out the filter element, wash the filter element with soapy water, and rinse it with clean water. After drying, add two drops of engine oil to increase the effect of the air filter, and put them back in order.
     Third and important. Blade.
     Blades must be inspected before each use. Using worn or blunted blades will cause difficulty in feeding, abnormal vibration, and reduce crushing efficiency. Over time, it will cause irreversible damage to the machine.
    Before each use, the clearance between the reversible blades and reversible anvil must be checked. If the gap is wrong, it will cause the output to be too large, abnormal vibration, and reduce the chipping efficiency. Over time, it will cause irreversible damage to the machine.
    When replacing the blade, please clean the surface of the blade table thoroughly to ensure that there are no impurities, etc. If it is not cleaned, it is easy to cause internal cracking or breakage of the blade after tightening.
    Wear cut-resistant gloves when performing blade maintenance or replacement.

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    In short, regularly inspection and maintenance work can effectively ensure the normal operation of the wood chipper machine.

Post time: Dec-03-2022