Self-propelled Belt Driven Weed Cutter Brush Cutter

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The BC 26 brush cutter, designed for cutting tough overgrown brush, with high quality steel casing shell, smart appearance and OEM color & logo,is ideal for cleaning meadows, or cutting paths – wherever dense brush and weeds present a clean-up challenge.

The 26″ wide rigid deck commercial-duty provides excellent stability in deep vegetation. The heavy-duty blade design is reinforced on two sides to tackle the toughest cutting conditions, including thick brush up to 6′ high, grass and weeds over 8′ tall, and saplings up to 2.0″ diameter.

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When you own a lawn mower, you can get many benefits from BC26 lawn mower as following:
1. Self-propelled design, labor-saving and safe;
2. The handle can be rotated for more convenient operation;
3. Independent control for cutting and propelling, more convenient operation;
4. All terrain tire,working more stable;
5. Jonco safety cover design makes weeding safer;
6. Front straw holder, against tall grass more powerful;
7. The front metal curtain can complete the weeding more effectively;
8. The weeding unit is driven by an industrial belt, avoid risk of blade damaging;
9. Suspended disc cutter design, ensure perfect passing on obstacles such as stones and sticks;
10. Jonco special cutting knife, durable and reliable;
11. Cutting width up to 26 inches, greatly improved work efficiency;

With a cutting width of 65 cm, the BC26 self-propelled lawn mower is a great helper for weed control and is perfect for "putting on your stripes" for the perfect traditional English lawn.

BC26 with CE certificate grass cutter widely apply for agriculture, farming, orchard, home courtyard, grass and weeds,golf course, mountain and forest etc.

Brush Cutter


Engine type 196CC gasoline engine /4 stroke/Air cooled
Fuel volume 1.5L
Oil volume 0.6L
Blade RPM 3600RPM
Cutting height 2-6cm
Cutting width 65cm
Dimensions 1600*700*1000mm
Weight 75 kg 
Loading quanity 20GP: 50 pcs

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