Towable 5 Inch Drum Wood Chipper With Gravity Feeding

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RC130 wood chipper delivers class-leading performance, reliability and efficiency; has a powerful cutting system, supported by a unique load-bearing and a drum cutting design, can significantly improve the working efficiency of equipment, ready to take on the demands of the arb industry.

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The maximum chipping capacity can reach 5 inch and the maximum output efficiency is 12 cubic meters per hour. It is suitable for a large number of crushing operations and is suitable for large nurseries, garden, forest,and municipal greening maintenance work.

With a wide tray-type feed inlet design, the main trunk and side branches can be brought in together for quick crushing. The 360 degree rotating discharge output is convenient for returning to the field, collecting and transporting.
The one-piece chassis design and the traction switchable mode of movement can be used on a variety of rugged road conditions,can be towable with your trucks.

Recently professional arborist is under pressure to get the work done as quickly as possible with minimal fuss, so a branch shredder with an exceptional work-rate, being strong and powerful enough to take everything thrown at it without complaint is always top of the requirement list.
Specific for specific, this machine delivers more than it has any right to deliver. So well designed, so powerful and such good value, such as serviceability, longevity and resale value.
For seriously tough jobs, trust in the big appetite of the Jonco semi-commercial wood chipper.

We offer 3 years warranty for structure parts and 1 year for power, OEM design and experienced service engineers to deal after-sales.

Wood chipper


Engine type 630-690CC V-twin gasoline engine
Power 13kw
Oil(L) 2.2 liter
Fuel consumption Around 5.6L per hour
Chipping type Load-support design rotor
Max chipping capacity 5 inch
Woking efficiency 8-12cbm/hour
Chassis ATV towable
Dimensions 2300*1030*1800mm
Weight 350 kg
Loading quanity 20GP: 20pcs

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